Cloud Outfitters | Five Ways to Simplify Cloud Integration
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Five Ways to Simplify Cloud Integration

This white paper describes five ways to simplify cloud integration as you transition from a complex, application integration architecture to a simple and agile integration platform. The first way to simplify is with the concept of prebuilt integration so you don’t have to start your integrations from scratch. Next is the ability of the integration platform to learn best practices based on successful integrations done by other customers and incorporate that crowdsourced insight as guidance into an embedded mapping recommendation capability. Third is Oracle’s unique ability as a provider of both PaaS and SaaS to leverage your tenant ID to pre-configure connectivity to your SaaS applications into the integration platform. A fourth way to simplify is to completely redefine the user experience so all user personas including LOB and Applications IT can collaborate with integration developers and architects. And finally, integration platform portability to support dynamic business requirements such as increased business regulations requiring a rapid migration from cloud to on-premises is an important capability to have a “future ready” integration solution. Lets take a deeper look into each of these five key ways to simplify cloud integration.

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